Who we are

B-FOUND was founded in 2009. It is a company dedicated to the design of residential integration and entertainment solutions, providing practical and comfortable solutions.

Technology and innovation, associated with personalization, are the main elements of a philosophy embraced by a cohesive and highly specialized team where the human factor becomes the key to success. The process usually starts with the previous analysis of each client needs, project creation, implementation and coordination of all activities, such as installation and programming of the equipment, users training and post-installation support.

Making your home or office energetically sustainable, increasing your well-being and reducing costs, is one of our goals.

Paulo Fernandes

Paulo Fernandes


Carlos Mouta

Carlos Mouta


Francisco Sampaio

Francisco Sampaio


What we do

Residential Entertainment

A house that breathes musicality in any corner, that lives up to the “cinema” when you want to watch a masterpiece … Through the best technology and avant-garde solutions in terms of design, respecting any type of architecture, indoor or outdoor decoration, B-Found makes your dream come true.

Residential Integration

Let comfort, safety, efficiency and simplicity take over your home! Enjoy it!

Good Morning!

The alarm clock rings, the blinds start to open, letting the first rays of light enter inside your home, the home security alarm is disabled and the music starts to play, in your warm and cozy bathroom the television switches on so you can watch the news while preparing to go to the office…

And all happened when the “Good Morning” option was activated.

Residential integration is the concept of converging all equipment in your home into a single platform. Either automatically or manually, you will gain total control of your home in the easiest, quickest and most efficient way.

Besides the considerable energy savings, security and easier use of all home equipment, this way of interacting with your home will save you a lot of time!

Decoration gains a new creative freedom with the possibility of equipment concealment.

This integration sets the user free from physical space, allowing remote control, in safety, anywhere.

Home Cinema

Lights, Play, Action

You are at home and you will live a unique movie experience without any kind of limitations. Watch the cinematographic masterpiece exactly as it was idealized. Through a dedicated solution, we create the entire environment, using the technology in a complete personalized way. Acoustics, lighting, location of all equipment, as well as the seating arrangements are designed to ensure the highest audio and video performance. Allow us to open up a brand-new world of emotions.

Business Solutions

We create advanced and efficient solutions for each type of business.

For example, a company that has chosen Portugal for its headquarters, but works on an international basis will need to communicate efficiently and safely with its customers, partners and employees all over the world.

We can create the solution for you. It can also be the transformation of a simple space into a place that breathes experience and emotions. Or the optimization of the time that each customer spends in a retail space depending on the time of day, in order to enhance your business. We are able to provide you the best solutions.

Whatever your dream or need is, we offer you the best of technology and innovation for your business. We will help you to achieve your goals through a dedicated and highly qualified team.


Our main partners are architects, real estate entrepreneurs, construction companies and interior decorator experts, amongst others.

In a demanding and globalized market where buying a real estate property became a safe investment, residential integration and residential entertainment are today part of the concerns of any investor.

B-Found intends to become a privileged consultant in the design of residential integration solutions and residential home entertainment in order to enhance your business.

Creating solutions together will allow our clients to enjoy a “State of the Art” house, focusing on the way the house adjusts to the client and not the other way around.

Developed areas: audio, video, control, lighting, systems and energy efficiency.

Elegant Themes

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